Word Up x Authors of London

Monday just gone, we did our second live reading. We was blessed enough to headline Word Up's FIRST Spoken-Word event in Harlesden (yes, there are Spoken-Word events in Harlesden now... #wemadeit). We met some really cool creatives who are only a stone throw away from us. One of them being Lucy, thank you for the internet-love Lucy!

Be sure to head down to Word Up's next event in July.

Those who rule are those who write.

Words by Andre.

Brent & Kilburn Times x Authors of London

Raheem Sterling was from St.Raphael’s. George the Poet was from St.Raphael’s. The Authors of the Estate are from St.Raphael’s. I’m glad that with just a few words and a few sheets of paper we are able to change perspectives of people who know about the estate. We are now known as a place of creativity, rather than a place of crime. Art changes perspectives.

Thanks Brent & Kilburn Times for showcasing us.

Read the full article here.

Words by Andre.

Peer Gallery x Real Estates x Authors of the Estate

Photography by David Roberts

Photography by David Roberts

On the 26th March 2015, we hosted our first Live Reading. This was done in collaboration with the Peer Gallery and Real Estates. It was nerve-racking (being our first time reading our book aloud before strangers) but liberating at the same time. The more we talk about this project to others, the more we realise how much this is needed in our city. We’re hoping to do more talks like these. If you’re interested, give us a shout.

Words by Andre.

Red Bull Amaphiko x Authors of the Estate

Wrote an article about living in a hood full of authors. Check it out.

The artist, in times past, were nothing like the superstars we see today. They were not men and women of global renowned, but trusted teachers and storytellers in their local area. Their ideas and art kept their villages sane. With that in mind, bad areas in London are not really bad, just the result of an artist’s absence.

Words by Andre.